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Android TV: Sony's state-of-the-art KD-65X9005C 4K/UHD TV tested

The future of Ultra HD: Video expert Joe Kane talks excelusively about OLED, HD DVD and why 4K is about more than just pixels

Budget star: Pioneer's affordable Atmos amp offers plenty to play with

Win! Win! Win! A Bluesound hi-res multiroom system worth £1,000!

Plus: All of the latest home cinema tech,
Blu-ray/DVD reviews, and a whole lot more!

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TV brand wars 2015!
Q: What brand is your main television?


Wachowski movies
Q: Which is the best of the films made by the Wachowski siblings?

 The Matrix
 The Matrix Reloaded
 The Matrix Revolutions
 Speed Racer
 Cloud Atlas
 Jupiter Ascending

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