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Octagon flex-Feed Green HQ - £20

Octagon flex-Feed Green HQ - £20

An effective twin LNB option

Icecrypt Pro - £16

Icecrypt Pro - £16

Robust and capable but somewhat bulky

Inverto Black Eco - £13

Inverto Black Eco - £13

Strong eco credentials but at a cost

Smart Titanium TS - £13

Smart Titanium TS - £13

Pricey but capable of excellent results

Technomate TM-1 Super High Gain - £10

Technomate TM-1 Super High Gain - £10

It can't match the bold claims but the Tecnomate still has much to offer

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  • An interview with documentary filmmaker Ken Burns 


  • Goodmans GS104TRH50 Freesat+ recorder
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  • Global Invacom TVLinkHD 


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